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"We believe that massage promotes the natural healing process," Marlene Weiss, LMT.

Our massage therapists offer a unique mixture of services which are the result of our experience and training in massage and dance. We have also completed extensive studies of the living human body in motion as well as holistic healing. Marlene believes that therapeutic massage is more than hands rubbing muscles, it is an empathetic connection between the massage therapist and patient which helps relax the patient and bring them a new level of healing.

Our therapeutic massage services:

Mat & Thai Massage
The treatment uses yoga body positions, asanas, pranayama breathing, and massage techniques to balance the client.

CranioSacral Massage works with a  light  contact to encourage and promote health and balance and regulation of the craniosacral system.

Using my feet while suspended from a hammock allows me to vary the pressure and angles in ways that a standard massage cannot achieve.

Targeted to athletes and their specific needs in order to attain and maintain peak performance.

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Today's kids are very active in sports, dance and other strenuous activities. Massage has been proven to have many positive effects for our kids.

Personal Injury Massage
Massage is covered by insurance in most cases where personal injury occurred from an accident. Make massage an integral part of your healing process.

Signature Spa Services
We have created a number of unique services which you simply cannot find anywhere else:

  • Sea shell exfoliating massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Aromatherapy