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From the girl-boss power look to a night out ensemble, it helps to have a killer heel. But are those heels killer on your body? What does a stiletto really do to your poor feet?   Toe … Read More...


We all know hormones can wreak havoc on our emotions (PMS ice cream and crying session, am I right?), but they can cause even more issues if they stop working the way they’re supposed … Read More...

New Ink, New Stink?

Mom always warned you not to get a tattoo, but is there anything --aside from her disapproval-- you actually need to worry about if you decide to get inked? Unfortunately, even that cute little … Read More...

What is this thing on my skin?!

The Wicked Witch of the West is pretty much the opposite of #Goals. I mean, obviously no one wants warts on their face.. and talk about fashion disaster. Seriously though, warts are more common than … (845) 797-7512


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