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Fingerprint Safes

Access your safe quickly, even in the dark, without fumbling with keys, codes or combinations. Revolutionary new fingerprint access safe can store up to 30 different fingerprints in memory. The 360 degree fingerprint reader makes a match in 1 second, and the safe is open in a matter of seconds after presenting your finger. The motorbolt system is battery operated and the alkaline batteries last approximately 1 year with normal use. Two override keys are included for emergency access. A user manual and bolt down kit is included, and the back and bottom of the safe is pre-drilled with two holes for easy mounting to either a wall, shelf or floor.

Fire Safes

The Safe Authority Brand Fire Safes are the finest quality fire safes on the market today. They have been manufactured under ISO 9002 quality standard requirements and tested by several fire testing laboratories. Put your mind at ease by choosing the brand you can trust to securely store and protect your most important documents and priceless valuables.

Burglar/Fire Safes

When security and peace of mind is what you need, the Safe Authority Burglar/Fire Safe is the protection you want. This uniquely designed safe combines the best features of both a fire safe and a burglary safe. The result is one tough safe! You no longer have to sacrifice either fire or burglary protection when buying a small safe for your home or business.

Hotel Safes

The Safe Authority Hotel/Dormitory Safe is specially designed for personal in-room use. It's compact, easy to use, and affordable -- the perfect choice for hotels, cruise ships, universities, hospitals, or even homeowners. Guests, students, and patients can relax knowing their valuables such as laptop computers, camcorders, cash, jewelry, passports, cell phones and cameras are safe in the privacy of their own room.

Drop Safes

Safe Authority Depository Safes are the quickest, easiest and most efficient solution to instantly and temporarily securing and storing excess cash, large bills, checks and other valuables. When strategically positioned and securely bolted to a concrete floor as designed, the Wilson Depository Safe limits your cash exposure and immediately reduces the threat of robbery and internal theft.

Data Safes

We offer top quality data safes that have been manufactured under ISO 9002 quality standard requirements and tested by several fire testing laboratories. After being subjected to temperatures of 1,832°F for over an hour, our safes exceeded industry standards by maintaining an internal temperature below 122°F and a humidity level below 85%.

B-Rate Security Chests

The Safe Authority B Rate Security Chest is the perfect choice for convenient and secure storage of your cash and valuables. These safes are heavy-duty solid steel constructed and are designed for your home or commercial use. They provide excellent protection against forced entry while also allowing you to quickly and easily access your valuables.

Gun Safes

The all new Safe Authority Gun Safe. Engineered to provide you secure storage and fire protection for your valued gun collection. Fully adjustable shelves and partitions provide you flexible storage options. Safe Authority Gun Safes combine an attractive look and style with industry-leading security features, all at an affordable price.