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Labnodes is a research network that is composed of 2,349 users within 88 communities such as centers, laboratories and shared resources. As a whole, this community has annotated 15,789 resources and associated 53,568 publications.

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Nov. 23
12:00 PM
Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center
No DRTC Friday Seminar Series
No Lecture - Thanksgiving
Nov. 28
9:00 AM
LH 809
Metabolism Interest Group
(414) 524-2711
Guillaume Kraft
Nov. 28
9:00 AM
206 PRB
Beta Cell Interest Group
Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Nov. 30
12:00 PM
206 Preston Research Building
Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center
DRTC / CDTR Seminar
Randi Striesand, PhD
Dec. 5
9:00 AM
9455 MRB IV
Vanderbilt Center for Stem Cell Biology
Natalya Ortolano (Gama Lab)

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Selectively and confidentially share resources between people, labs, or other groups.

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Resource Types

Antibodies. Bacterial Strains. Cell Lines. Mouse Strains. Primers. Protocols. Vectors. Maintain proper record annotations, associated documents and more.

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Labnodes is dedicated to getting you initiated and trained. Various sources are available:

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The latest publications added are:

(587) 217-0811 Darris C, Revert F, Revert-Ros F, Gozalbo-Rovira R, Feigley A, Fidler A, Lopez-Pascual E, Saus J, Hudson B (2018) J Biol Chem

Added by Aaron Fidler on 11/19/2018

574-315-5558 Gregory JM, Lautz M, Moore LM, Williams PE, Reddy P, Cherrington AD (2018) Diabetes Obes Metab

Added by 3133838790 on 11/17/2018

MEK Inhibitor Reverses Metaplasia and Allows Re-emergence of Normal Lineages in Helicobacter pylori-infected Gerbils. Yang Q, Yasuda T, Choi E, Toyoda T, Roland JT, Uchida E, Yoshida H, Seto Y, Goldenring JR, Nomura S (2018) Gastroenterology

Added by (778) 588-2537 on 11/14/2018

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I had a great time learning about Labnodes. Thanks for your assistance in getting our workgroup set up.

(760) 983-5701 - Dec. 12, 2012

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