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AI-first mobile sales enablement platform to make every customer interaction successful

Strengthen your Representatives. Accelerate Revenues.

Boostr goes beyond records and process. Boostr augments and accelerates profitable behavior across your sales network, using context-relevant insight and access.

Engage representatives, drive productivity

Boostr proactively prompts your representatives with insights and content that drives profitable behaviour.

Train and market more effectively

Auto-deliver a personalized selection (for every rep) of LMS content, media, documents, and assessments via mobile, based on patterns in sales performance.

Gain deep visibility into channels

Deep analytics into and across data from sales pipeline, partner performance, content engagement, training effectiveness, rep competency, means that you always know the pulse of your channels and how to grow it.

Drive a quality customer experience

Proactive prompts to partners through a mobile presence, ensures that your representatives are always in sync with your brand and your business.

Smart lead distribution for greater conversion

Leverage CRM analytics to algorithmically allocate each lead to the rep who would win it most reliably.

Generate more customer touchpoints

Empower representatives with news on the market and on every prospect they’re handling. Create more opportunities to interact with prospects, and close faster.

Onboard and orient new partners quickly

Remote access and proactive prompts to complete certifications and training, with ongoing refreshers over time make for effective partner programs, and a growing channel ecosystem.


Proactive Contextual Assistance. Boostr prompts your representatives with content, insights, and surveys to drive engagement and productivity. Boostr connects your CRM, CMS and LMS over an expandable layer of bots and applets, to provide smart mobile access and insights to representatives on the field.

Marketing Sync
Keeps your sales representatives in sync and empowered with all they need to know about your product and your customer.
Lead Watcher
Gives sales teams an unfair advantage in sales calls, pitches, and negotiations, by feeding them relevant news on leads.
Lead Allocation
Algorithmically distributes leads to your partners and sales team, match leads with sales reps who’d close them.
Channel Feedback
Correlates partner productivity metrics with our survey engine to ask partners the right questions and help you enable them better.
Partner Support
Helps partners and sales teams get what they need from your back office, with ease, from the field.
L&D Helper
Drives continuous learning and ensures required training and certifications in your partner network.

Insights on the Go

Help your salespeople find better ways to prospect, nurture, and close

Auto-enriched Pipeline Tool

Easy use pipeline tool, with auto-enriched lead information, and updates on news about leads, from the lead watcher bot.

Daily Feed to Keep Sales Focused

A constant stream of useful updates, marketing/competitive collateral, and L&D content for sales teams on the field.

Mobile Partner Programs

Certifications, support, surveys, vendor management, marketing/solutioning collaboration, and other
elements of a partner program.

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Track and enhance performance in direct and indirect channels


Sales Analytics and Lead Allocation

Get a deeper view of your partners’ sales and marketing activities, to optimize deal flow across your channel for maximum throughput.

Marketing and Training ROI

Track and invest in marketing, competitive, and training content that is most effective, to increase channel partner engagement.

Channel Performance, and Support

Correlate partner productivity metrics, partner feedback, and content engagement to proactively support partners in closing more deals.



IT Channel Partnerships
Boost channel throughput. Drive sales channel profitability and partner lifetime value.
Direct Enterprise Sales
Educate and enable sales teams. Track and optimize performance and marketing ROI.
Pharmaceutical MR and Supply Chains
Drive MR performance and supply chain efficiency. Correlate marketing spend with demand.
+ More Solutions
In the pipeline: Boostr for Automotive Dealerships, and for Insurance Agents.

See how can boost direct and indirect sales for your business