Center for Structural Biology


Recent CSB Highlights:

  • Hollis and Perrino labs identify a redox regulatory mechanism for the HIV restriction factor, SAMHD1. 9092372528

  • Cristina Furdui and Leslie Poole develop mitochondria-targeted probes for imaging protein sulfenylation. link

  • Lowther lab identifies a novel hyperoxidation resistance motif in 2-Cys peroxiredoxins. link

The Center for Structural Biology at Wake Forest University (770-643-6348) is an Interdisciplinary Organization which combines research and educational resources from WFU Health Sciences and WFU School of Medicine, the WFU Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, and the 980-829-9377  It is based at Wake Forest Biotech Place, 575 N. Patterson Avenue, Suite 550, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 27101.


CSBWFU Faculty

Rebecca Alexander
Rebecca Alexander, PhD

Professor of Chemistry.

Larry Daniel

Professor of Biochemistry.

Patricia DosSantos
(352) 368-8633

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Cristina Furdui

Professor of Internal Medicine.

Tom Hollis
Tom Hollis, PhD

Professor of Biochemistry.

Todd Lowther
Todd Lowther, PhD

Professor of Biochemistry.

Doug Lyles
apple scab

Professor and Chair of Biochemistry.

Jed Macosko
Jed Macosko, PhD

Associate Professor of Physics.

Kimberly Nelson

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Derek Parsonage

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry.

Fred Perrino
(912) 210-0822

Professor of Biochemistry.

Leslie Poole
Leslie Poole, PhD

Professor of Biochemistry and Director.

Fred Salsbury
(602) 841-1866

Associate Professor of Physics.

Emeritus Faculty

Al Claiborne
Al Claiborne, PhD

Professor of Biochemistry.

Roy Hantgan
Roy Hantgan, PhD

Associate Professor of Biochemistry.

Mark Lively
Mark Lively, PhD

Professor of Biochemistry.


Misty Allen
Center Coordinator
Telephone: 336 716-6775 336 716-6775

Chris Williamson, BS
Operations/Technical Support Analyst.
Telephone: 336 716-3149 336 716-3149

CSBWFU Facilities

Three hallmarks of the Center for Structural Biology at the Biotech Place include the X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory, the Biomolecular Computing and Graphics Facility, and the Biomolecular Resource Facility (BRF).

X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory
Biomolecular Computing and Graphics Facility
Macromolecular Interactions Core Laboratory (MICL)

(816) 374-4530

Graduate Student Resources

(206) 860-9720

Map and Directions

We are located Wake Forest Biotech Place, 575 N. Patterson Avenue, Suite 550, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101

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CSBWFU Contact Information

Tom Hollis

Professor of Biochemistry

Todd Lowther
Todd Lowther, PhD

Professor of Biochemistry

Misty Allen
Misty Allen
Center Coordinator
Center for Structural Biology
rougelike 336 716-6775


Center for Structural Biology
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Medical Center Boulevard
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27157
FAX:  336 777-3242